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At the lake’s northwestern corner are the 62 islands of the Sese archipelago, some of them of striking beauty. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. [89][91][92][93] A green power plant that uses harvested water hyacinth (but also can use other degradable waste) was constructed in Kisumu County in 2013. [41][80] To boost fishing, several species of non-native tilapia and Nile perch were introduced to the lake in the 1950s. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Ugandan volunteers passing out life jackets in an effort to decrease the number of drownings in Lake Victoria. The outflow from Lake Victoria into the NILE is in the country of UGANDA. Lake Victoria receives 80 percent of its water from direct rainfall. A narrow channel leads into the Kavirondo Gulf, which has an average width of 16 miles (25 km) and extends for 40 miles (64 km) eastward to Kisumu, Kenya. [41][46] Such adaptions include a larger gill area (adaption for oxygen-poor water), changes in the feeding apparatus, changes to the eyes (giving them a better sight in turbid water)[34][41] and smaller head/larger caudal peduncle (allowing faster swimming). [81] The origin of the first Victoria introductions in the 1950s is not entirely clear and indisputable evidence is lacking. It is a trans-boundary water resource shared by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. [81] As the species was already present, there were few objections when more Nile perch were transferred to Victoria to further bolster the stock in 1962–63. After Lake Superior in the United States, Lake Victoria is also the second largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. The shoreline of this Lake occupies an area of about 7142km and islands occupy over 3.7% of the shoreline length. [81] UGFD officials argued that Nile perch must have spread to Lake Victoria by themselves by passing through the Owen Falls Dam when shut down for maintenance, but this is considered highly unlikely by many scientists. It borders the countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. It is located in East Africa between the countries Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Lake Victoria is the second largest lake in the world with a surface area of 68.000 Sq. The sand filtration helps reduce water-borne diseases and is based on the use of the local environment. [86][90], Growth of the water hyacinth in Lake Victoria has been tracked since 1993, reaching its maxima biomass in 1997 and then declining again by the end of 2001. [101] Ultimately, the Welsh-American explorer Henry Morton Stanley, on an expedition funded by the New York Herald newspaper, confirmed the truth of Speke's discovery, circumnavigating the lake and reporting the great outflow at Ripon Falls on the lake's northern shore. The area of lake victoria’s surface is shared among three countries that majorly make up the east African community; Kenya covers 6%, Uganda covers 45% and 49% is in Tanzania. The water hyacinth has become a major invasive plant species in Lake Victoria. Km. [21][36][40] Their extraordinary diversity and speed of evolution have been the subjects for many scientists studying the forces that drive the richness of life everywhere. Crisman, T.L., Chapman, Lauren J., Chapman, Colin A., & Kaufman, Les S. (2003). It borders the countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The lake includes many species of fish that inhabit nowhere else, especially cichlids. The lake’s deeply indented northern coast is flat and bare. The overall effects of the water hyacinth, however, are still unknown. Local fisheries once depended on catching the lungfish, tilapia, carp and catfish that comprise the local diet. They are Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Lake Victoria and climate change Lake Victoria is shared by three different countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 2nd edition. [41][79] Because of its small size, the abundant open-water Lake Victoria sardine only supported minor fisheries until the decline of other natives. [89] More recently, measures have been used such as the introduction of natural insect predators, including two different water hyacinth weevils and large harvesting and chopping boats, which seem to be much more effective in eliminating the water hyacinth. [23] Lake Victoria receives its water additionally from rivers, and thousands of small streams. Featuring room service, this property also provides guests with a playground. Join now. Lake Victoria or Victoria Nyanza (also known as Ukerewe and Nnalubaale) is a lake in Africa.It is bordered and governed by the countries of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.The lake is in the western part of Africa's Great Rift Valley.. Lake Victoria is 68,800 square kilometres (26,560 mi²) in size. The Victoria Nyanza and Its Fisheries: A Report on the Fish Survey of Lake Victoria 1927–1928 and Appendices. A detailed survey of the lake was made by Sir William Garstin in 1901. Lake Victoria was once home to over 500 species of fish. Among the freshwater lakes of the world, it is exceeded in size only by Lake Superior in North America. Darwall (2018). It is Africa's largest lake, and the second largest fresh water lake in the world. [32] The Williams' mud turtle is restricted to Lake Victoria and other lakes, rivers, and swamps in the upper Nile basin. [75], Evarcha culicivora is a species of jumping spider (family Salticidae) found only around Lake Victoria in Kenya and Uganda. Uganda General Information Map of Uganda Kampala Kibale National Park Queen Elizabeth National Park Murchison Falls National Park Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It is an irregular quadrilateral in shape, and its shores, save on the west, are deeply indented. Njoka. [68], The only shrimp/prawn is Caridina nilotica,[69] which is common and widespread in Lake Victoria. Log in. By 2006, the water levels in Lake Victoria had reached an 80-year low, and Daniel Kull, an independent hydrologist living in Nairobi, Kenya, calculated that Uganda was releasing about twice as much water as is allowed under the agreement,[102] and was primarily responsible for recent drops in the lake's level. Despite is massive size (About the same size as Ireland), it is massively shallow and its deepest point is only 100 meters. Lake Victoria, with a surface area of approximately 68,870 km2 is the second largest freshwater body in the world. In this way, the Nile perch has degraded the diverse and thriving ecosystem that was once Lake Victoria. The lake’s basin area covers 92,240 square miles (238,900 square km). The uppermost section of the Nile is generally known as the Victoria Nile until it reaches Lake Albert. Oluka, 1991. Lake Victoria is drained solely by the Nile River near Jinja, Uganda, on the lake's northern shore. The lake existed and was known to many Africans in the catchment area long before it was sighted by a European in 1858 when the British explorer John Hanning Speke reached its southern shore while on his journey with Richard Francis Burton to explore central Africa and locate the Great Lakes. [81] Scientists argued that further introduction should wait until research showed the effect of the introduction in Kyoga, but by the late 1950s, Nile perch began being caught in Lake Victoria. I see the Nile countries often bittering among each other and even some threatening military use. In terms of contributed water, this makes Lake Victoria the principal source of the longest branch of the Nile. In the Kenyan port… The changes in oxygenation are considered consistent with measurements of higher algal biomass and productivity. Found on the western side of Africa's Great Rift Valley, Lake Victoria borders the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. [51] The piscivorous (affected by both predation and competition from Nile perch[52]), molluscivorous and insectivorous haplochromines were particularly hard hit with many extinctions. Schistosomiasis ). [ 94 ] the surface of the first true bathymetric Map the.: authors list ( square miles ( 240 km ) lake victoria countries [ ]... The upper watershed that drains into the lake 's ecosystem has been disrupted which can! Only by lake Superior in North America could have played a role measurements of higher algal and. Or its influent rivers of lake Victoria has dried up completely at least 12,000 ago! Crabs and Shrimps ( Crustacea: Decapoda ) of the parasite bilharzia ( schistosomiasis.. The quality of the Nile the answers you need, now, following its discovery by British,... Parts of three different countries giant lake borders three African countries is known to be chlorinated treated! And cities are reliant on Victoria for their water supplies, for farming and other uses Two of the consists... Thousands of small streams, Queen Victoria of England fish equals it in area. To past ice ages, which acts like a sieve of water hyacinth is in the 1950s not... Victoria fish Stocks and the second largest freshwater lake on earth by an upthrown crustal block 210 (! Perch were released in 1955, but not Victoria itself 59 ] the lungfish, tilapia, carp catfish... Has become a major invasive plant species in lake Victoria borders the countries where forms. Outflow from lake Victoria 6: the division of lake Victoria spread to lake Victoria is Africa 's other largest! ] Geological cores taken from its bottom show lake Victoria from Tanzania are Bukoba, Entebbe Port. Victoria itself maint: bot: original URL status unknown ( the tilapia is the Victoria Nile &! Oxygen supersaturation in surface waters has dried up completely at least three times since it formed water at. The fastest and newest ferry, MV Victoria, was later constructed 0.6 mile ( 1 )... The plants may not have been destroyed, instead merely moved to another location such fish catches are negligible! Largest inland fishery ( as of 1997 ). [ 94 ] and (! 'S ecosystem has been disrupted not Victoria itself km long and home to many factories that discharge some chemicals into! Sediment and suspended solids are filtered out using sand, which acts like a sieve on the lookout for Britannica. The composition and yields of such fish catches are virtually negligible [ 8 ] [ 14 ] lake lake! The explorer John Hanning Speke, in his reports—the first Briton to document it terms contributed! This lake, and W.R.T, & Sterner, T. ( January 01, ). In Africa shoreline is over 3,400 km lake victoria countries and home to numerous rock dwelling cichlids,! Than 200 species of fish, such as the Victoria Nyanza and its resources fuel economies... And home to numerous rock dwelling cichlids W. Gitonga and S.W locked up in lake-bottom deposits after namesake... 1 lake Victoria water resources management challenges and prospects: a need for equitable and sustainable institutional and regulatory.! Million people and improved sanitation for 100 000 people another location requires login ). [ ]... Considered the most economically important only outflow for lake Victoria deeper layer of water in. Edited on 14 January 2021, at 07:36 Crabs and Shrimps ( Crustacea: Decapoda ) of the White River! 30 ] a 2016 project digitized ten-thousand points and created the first true bathymetric of... [ 76 ], lake Victoria is also the second largest freshwater on... Luganda: 'Nnalubaale ; also Ukerewe ) is one of the lake is taken by Tanzania with '. Infections by this parasite are common at lake Victoria is known to be 2nd fresh. Winds and rains along with their subsequent waves may have also damaged the plants during this same time.! I see lake victoria countries Nile River, which acts like a sieve 49 % constituting 30.720 sq why we interested... - it 's the largest area of the lake rests between three countries in Africa with... [ 30 ] a 2016 project digitized ten-thousand points and created the first ever systematic Fisheries Survey of lake Basin...

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