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European Road Trip Planner & Itinerary ideas for 2 weeks. Answered: We have a family trip booked for Europe in September with a plan to fly into Bordeaux travel down to San Sabastian and then over to the Catalan region. Here’s how to make the most two weeks in France with the family. / A Europe Itinerary for 2 months in Europe: Your ... amazing blog. I'd like some guidance on an economical itinerary for a young family (11, 9, 7), starting in Frankfurt with 2.5 weeks to spend in Europe. Below is our guide to 2 weeks in Europe: Two week itinerary for summer in Europe. Itinerary for Family Vacation to Europe November 7, 2017 at 14:36. And that was my whirlwind 2-week Eastern Europe itinerary by train! Ultimate European Itinerary London – Paris – Lisbon – Rome – Amsterdam. We've been to England & France, so we would skip these countries this time. 2 Weeks in Northern Europe 1. France is the perfect country to explore by rail with your loved ones. European Family Vacation Itinerary + Tips. Kindly please advise. 2 Weeks in Eastern Europe, Itinerary December 6, 2020 November 18, 2020 by chrysoula This 2-week Eastern Europe itinerary offers infinite variety, historical and culture gems in cities that have firmly established themselves on the tourist trail. Our Central Europe itinerary focuses on Austria and the Czech Republic. Hence, the creation of the below itinerary, the exact itinerary we used during our trip. Saint Petersburg, Russia I've always urged my readers to check out the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. Dave, we are looking to vacation in Europe for 2 weeks in 2nd half of May, with two small children (11 months and 5 yr old). Your Winter in Europe Travel Itinerary Day 1-2: London, England. Slow planners. With that in mind we've created a perfect itinerary for those who want to spend between 2 and 4 weeks in Europe on something of a modest budget. At your final stop, Brussels, try the mussels at family-owned Chez Leon, and a final night out at Café Delirium, with its 2,004 beers. ITINERARY 1 Lucerne (3 days) - Get your bearings in Lucerne’s Old Town, where you’ll find must-see attractions like Chapel Bridge and St. Peter’s Chapel. Your Europe travel itinerary kicks off in beautiful London. But if you’re thinking a family … Eat your way through the best food cities! Plan to spend two … It was a LOT to pack into just 14 days. We love maximizing our stay when we travel for a LONG distance from Canada. Delicious food, a rich history, a warm, welcoming culture: they’re just a few of the reasons to start planning an Italy itinerary. Parents ask our Family Vacation Advisors daily for advice on how to structure an itinerary in Europe with kids that will keep everyone — at every age and stage — entertained and happy. From Athens to Austria, her two week itinerary hits up all the classics, so you won’t miss a thing! After All everyone of us has a favorite Europe bucket list. Although 2 weeks in Europe isn’t a long time, you can have a dynamic, diverse experience here with that amount of time. Travelling from North-Western Germany to Eastern Switzerland sounds like a lot of miles and even more headaches. You can easily tour Europe in two weeks if you follow the itinerary I’ve set out here. Our itinerary for a 2-week backpacking trip through Europe. Days 1–5: Paris; Days 5–8: French Alps (Les Karellis) Days 8–9: Marseille; Days 9–13: Nice; Days 13–14: Return to Paris; Days 1 – 5: Paris. We are heading to England. We start as a family of 4 and meet up with a son in germany at the end of Dec. Find the perfect Eurail Pass Days 1 - 2: London, England. Skyscanner Australia chats with Mapping Megan to find out the best way to see Europe for the first time. The National Gallery . And thus, many were interested in knowing our 2 weeks Europe trip itinerary with kids. Paris will delight the young and old and is therefore an ideal destination for families. We decided to divide our time with a week in Scotland, a week in London and Paris and a week in Switzerland. :) Enjoy your trip! Clockwise from top: Cesky Krumlov, Prague, Hallstatt. Stretch it as much as you want! Itinerary highlights Click here or on the map to view this route in our Trip Planner. I had to kind of recover from it all after the trip. If you want to get around Europe quickly, flexibly and cheaply, we would definitely recommend InterRail (for EU travellers) or Eurail for international travellers. the best Europe itinerary. First Steps. Planning a grand tour of Europe and have no idea where to start? Aug 26, 2016 - This western Europe itinerary for 2 weeks of family travel will whet your taste for travel that opens your eyes and leaves you in awe. A detailed Europe itinerary for 2 weeks in Europe. Europe is a fantastic family-friendly destination, and the itineraries below will take you to a range of incredible countries the whole crew will love — from France to Italy and Switzerland. Budapest, Hungary. Land in Paris, for example, then follow up a long weekend there with a few days split between Brussels or Antwerp and Amsterdam. If you want an itinerary about France for families, look no further. Author: Rob. And there’s no shortage of stuff to do in London. I am excited about sharing it so that you can repeat it or tweak it a little to create your own perfect-for-your-family trip to Europe. Our itinerary for a 2-week backpacking trip through Europe. Today we’re sharing details of our family’s European vacation – 6 cities in 8 days! Tips from our trip. There’s a beauty, a sense of history, and an endless array of things to see and do that’ll keep all members of the family entertained - no matter the age. It was a GREAT way to try out each city in the hopes of returning for a longer period in my favorite places. If you’re considering 1 week in Europe for the family, here’s an itinerary worth considering. Multi-city. Return. Essential Europe for first time travellers | 2 weeks in Europe with Mapping Megan. Central Europe Itinerary 2 weeks: Munich Prague Vienna Budapest Bratislava. Photo by Virtuoso Ideas for a 1-Week Family Vacation in Europe Budapest + Vienna. Welcome to Central Europe, home of Bohemia, Alps, and some truly beautiful places to explore! We plan to use trains to get around and would like to use B&B, if available. Or, do what we often do and visit several countries at once! One way. This 2-week Interrail route is a loop, so you can start and end it at any point in the route.

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