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While some celebrities choose to close their gaps, like Demi Lovato and Zac Efron, and others have had theirs close accidentally (looking at you, Dakota Johnson), the following 11 have chosen to keep their gaps for a number of reasons. Tom Cruise has bad teeth. A mouth of secret lovelies, stained and forgotten. How do celebrities get perfect teeth? Being an ice hockey player is extremely hazardous to your teeth and Alexaner Ovechkin is a victim of that syndrome. Tiny teeth grown naturally — shh, they’re sleeping. Kirsten Dunst has bad teeth. More noticeable is the gap between his upper front two teeth. It's like she never got her big girl teeth, or she was cursed to wander the earth with the teeth of an elf. Steve Buscemi has bad teeth, but he … Some of celebs … Here, 10 astonishing celebrity before-and-afters—with expert commentary by Dr. Andi Jean Miro, DDS, aesthetic dentist at Rosenthal Apa Group. Can you imagine Madonna without the signature gap between her two front teeth? His smile is all gummy, his gums are all red and irritated, his two front teeth are like Chiclets, and they are off center. Do you ever think about this? But we can’t complain as he has dated two big and beautiful supermodels in Erica Packer and Heidi Klum. Check out 10 Of The Best And Worst Celebrity Dental Veneers. You know when a celebrity starts to make money, its all in the smile (literally). Bunny teeth mean people with their front two teeth sticking out a bit (even when their mouths are closed). Search Real Stars, Fake Teeth: 20 Celebrities Who Have Had Cosmetic Dentistry by Rachel Weeks In Hollywood, where the smiles are perfectly straight, perfectly white, and perfectly proportioned, fake teeth are more prominent than you think. Although many stars do tend to get their teeth issues repaired, Anna Paquin doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything to her teeth except allow the gap between the two teeth in the front of her mouth to get bigger. Here’s something to think about: celebrities all have little tiny real teeth hiding under their big Hollywood fake teeth. What about Eddie Murphy? The rapper used to have stained, yellow teeth that weren’t exactly lined up as one might expect of a superstar celebrity. 2 Alexander Ovechkin. Little guys hiding, snug as a bug. Image Source: Must Read : 5 Of The Prettiest Male Idol Hands. The gap was quite small when she was a … What makes this assessment even easier though, aside from the obvious pictures, is the fact that he has readily admitted to spending over $50,000 on … Celebrity teeth before & after: We take a look at the stars who have put their money where their mouths are in our gallery of the best Hollywood smile makeovers Say 'cheese'. Most likely, no. This list includes the charming idols with their bunny-like teeth.

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