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My own theory is similar but a bit more fun – it is because we actually like it. (6 Posts) Add message | Report. There is a rumour that apparently tomato sauce or ketchup is really good for getting rid of fox poo.. #11. In rural areas, fox poo is quite dark, but in urban areas, where foxes eat human food waste, it can be lighter. You can wave their favourite treat or squeak their favourite toy all you like. Fox poo is a bit like dog poo, but it can be a bit pointy at one end and full of fur, feathers, tiny bones, seeds and berries. Typically, their feces are tan or brown and about two to three inches long with pointy ends. But some dogs will eat fox poo due to a missing element in their diet, or a possible medical problem. Why is Fox Feces a Problem? ‘Eau de Fox’ – the scent that lingers. Obi's preferred perfume but not mine! Roxy. As you may already know, fox poo can be incredibly difficult to remove from your dog’s coat- especially the smell. Is it normal for a dog to eat fox poop? Likewise, what does Fox poop look like? The smell of the urine is somewhat pungent, like a cat’s urine. It can have a tarry, greasy quality to it (yum!!) The last thing that probably goes through the rabbit's mind is, "there's a really bad smell of fox poo that seems to be getting stronger, but a bit of poo won't hurt me!" You might be thinking ‘well, I … Here are a … Try bathing it again with well scented shampoo (not too many times or your dogs skin will get irritated) and pet stores sell deodorizers that work great.Tomato juice might help also. Since bladder fistulas can allow bacteria from other organs into the bladder, they often manifest as urinary tract infections, urine that looks or smells like stool, and urine that contains gas. Problem is I have no idea what a fox poo looks like. and smells rough. Look closely and you may see fur, feathers and other food remains. Relevance. What Does Fox Poop Look Like? The poop you found does sound like fox poo. So far we have suggested alarming the fox by hitting it with water and high pitch sounds. A deodorising or fox poo specific shampoo is often recommended to remove the odour more effectively without the need to wash your dog multiple times. For some reason I can now smell something unpleasant. Fox poo in urban areas is often very wet, in my experience, probably diarrhoea from eating human food from bins. There’s only one thing that can give your dog that particular thrill: rolling in fox poo. Foxes. A large sloppy fox poo one of the worst things to run over with a lawnmower, It sprays everywhere and absolutely stinks. MORE : … Spend a lot of time training them to respond immediately to your call (that means lots of treats!) Dog owners. Hope someone can help with this? I live in London and used to be a gardener. 23:00 Tue 15th Apr 2008. shivvy. Tunisian Neroli smells like Fox poo, I imagine, like a lot of those essential oils. Answer Save. so you can get them to return to you when they dart off to roll in poo. ! To get a good covering of fox poo is a bit like winning the doggie lottery. Fresh droppings have a distinctively musky or ‘foxy’ smell. Forgot to say, Poppy's smell is like a very light liquorice smell, quite pleasant. 13. Fox urine smells like extra strength skunk spray. Much like humans wear scents that we enjoy, like rose or sandalwood, it’s possible that dogs like being associated with the smell of fox poop. 8 years ago . A fox's variable diet affects the appearance of its feces, so waste may contain bones, hair, insects, and bits of fruit or seeds. 3 Answers. They themselves have a musky odor which is lessened by spaying and neutering but it is still there. Does Fox poo look like dog poop? Foxes SMELL, Bad. Lv 6. She's rolled in poo, came home stuck her in the bath and do one normal shampoo wash, then liberally (on std poodle I've used about 500g) spread it around the main area of fox poo. It usually smells bad because of the bacteria and parasites, but it also can have compounds that produce an especially unpleasant smell. Your best bet is to keep your dog close by when they’re off their lead. Eating the poop of another species is very common dog behavior. The next product will attack the powerful sense of smell that foxes have. 1 decade ago. Bobcats have a tendency to urinate close to the place where they poop. All answers will appreciated and best answer gets 5 stars. Like the ultrasonic repeller, this product rarely works on its own. This is a bit like cat poo (from a large cat!) What a funny thing the mind is. This is like an open invitation to foxes! We like rolling in poo the same as you like looking at art. Grooming places have great smelling sprays that will help get rid of the pong. They love it, but as dog owners, we hate it. I promptly ordered another bottle to keep in the car and have not stopped singing its praises (or using it) ever since. blue-eyed partner edited this topic ages ago. Unfortunately, dogs don't like it when they smell all flowery and clean, so try washing your dog in non perfumed products as using a perfumed shampoo might only intensify their need to mask the new fragrance. Yes Bonnie has her own special smell- fox poo. Fox droppings are similar to coyote scat, only smaller. Favorite Answer. 1 decade ago. In doing so they smell like their prey which makes hunting & survival easier. Fox scat looks more like cat poo than dog poo. We've had foxes leave their calling card directly next to the chicken run - and a subsequent check on our CCTV camera revealed Mr Fox standing on the Omlet run, trying to get at my girls! It is dark brown to black and about the length and width of a woman’s thumb, and it can look a bit dry and stringy with a pointy end. Look out for droppings in areas where hedgehogs will have been foraging for food, like lawns and playing fields. I'd love to know. Click to expand... oh yes I can so relate to this one! ;-) Originally posted ages ago. Smell. With this is mind, it can be difficult to eliminate the scent from the coat using any generic dog shampoo. Foxes produce dog-like droppings that are usually pointy and twisted at one end and full of fur, feathers, tiny bones, seeds and berries. Instead, try and be vigilant when your pet walks away from it’s dish and cover up the food or even pick it up and put it out of reach. Far easier (and not requiring a second bath to remove the tomato smell) is specific fox poo shampoo for dogs, which should neutralise the odour. My border collie x (quite hairy) keeps rolling in something that smells vile. Stopping them is difficult. Good luck! Thanks bigmamma but I have a pup of my own who is getting quite good at sneaking a little roll in when my head is turned! Step 6 – Attack The Fox’s Sense of Smell. Although our pet dogs no longer need to hunt, some have retained the desire to do roll in poo or a dead animal, particularly after a bath. It is very hard to keep ahead of the smell since they pee on everything. but it seems a bit odd for a cat to do that. Foxes produce dog-like droppings that are usually pointy at one end and full of fur, feathers, tiny bones, seeds and berries. 0 0. There are many reasons why some dogs like to eat fox poo, with the simplest explanation being they like the taste and smell. It's another way of neutralising the odour. The more you can reduce the smell of the food, the less tempted a fox will be to enter your garden. Anonymous. It’s not easy to prevent poop rolling, particularly if you have a large yard or you allow your dog to hike off-leash. I've yet to try it myself so don't blame me if you have a condiment catastrophe! Foxes produce dog-like droppings that are usually pointy at one end and full of fur, feathers, tiny bones, seeds and berries. Start new thread in this topic | Watch this thread | Flip this thread | Refresh the display Add a message; This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 6 messages.) The smell also depends on the diet; the more animal prey, the stronger the pong. Definitely £4.99 well spent. Posted: Nov 6, 2019 / 09:05 PM CST / Updated: Nov 6, 2019 / 09:25 PM CST. IainMercer says: Apparently, Ketchup is the thing for getting rid of the green tinge and smell of fox poo. It can also be that to a dog's nose fox poo smells so very much better than dog shampoo! You need to keep furniture covered in washable covers, mop the floors and wash down cabinets etc daily. Fox poo odour eliminator neutralises the smell, removes stains and has a strong antibacterial agent.. All you have to do is spray it on and then wipe with a damp cloth. My dog found fox poo heaven today -.-" and well I washed him with this shampoo targeted for fox, well it got all the fox poo off fine but he stills smells a bit :/ any suggestions ? In addition, your dog’s advanced sense of smell means you’ve got no chance of noticing a pile of fox poo before they do. 0 0. Preventing Poop Rolling Behavior in Dogs. Other animals likely to leave droppings in your garden are foxes and cats. Let it stand on dog for about 10 mins, I use this time to trim nails, clean ears etc then rinse off, then light shampoo to remove most of the smell of tomato ketchup. Rosalie. » Getting rid of fox-poo smell. To those lucky reader’s who have NOT encountered the vile substance to date, I shall inform you that it black and oily and it STINKS to high heaven. Dextersmum said: Dexter doesn't smell of much at all. Just found a poo on my lawn and Im a bit worried it might be from a fox. Whilst I stopped to admire the very beautifull irises that are in full flower just now, my darling dog deceided to locate, honed in and proceeded with operation Fox Poo. Question Author. by: FOX 4 Newsroom. In rural areas, fox poo is quite dark, but in urban areas, where foxes eat human food waste, it can be lighter. The smell coming from the garden from the fox faeces and urine on the grass and other areas of the garden was awful. Nothing will distract them. Smell that? Some things look like poo, but actually aren’t. Miraculously it does get rid of the fox poo and the smell, in fact it actually has rather a nice smell, result! What does fox poo smell like? What is it they eat for it to smell like that? Can you tell me Chris if you're still around, why fox poo smells as strong as garlic? They normally like to dig about a bit! A dogs primary sense is smell whereas in humans it is vision. Fox poo is normally dark, long and twisted and often deposited in prominent locations. Useful info too wildwood. Why your poop smells worse than normal Stool is not supposed to smell good but it's not supposed to have an extremely foul odour either. These are what healthy, in the wild fox poo's should look like I assume. Although little is known about the smell of the Bobcat scat, an effective way to recognize the scat using smell is to look for the smell of bobcat urine. The only time he smells is when he's wet and smells like a typical wet dog. It can have a tarry, greasy quality to it (yum!!) and smells rough. Fresh droppings have a distinctively musky or 'foxy' smell. Experts say poo odor is likely coming from farmlands up north News. × Getting rid of fox-poo smell. Fox poo stinks to high heaven and creates an incredible mess. Lv 7. UnSerpentQuiCourt Mon 14-Feb-11 22:01:04.

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